Capability Statement



Cormac Consulting specialises in head-hunting of Professional and Technical staff for the Mining and Resources Sector. Unlike mainstream recruitment agencies, we partner with our clients to offer a unique and personable experience that delivers the talent and results they are after. We understand the intricacies of our clients’ sites, culture and practices, and have successfully sourced candidates that match those unique requirements.

We deliver proven and tailored results through an extensive and active network within the Australian Mining sector. Our systematic approach in targeting viable candidates and a wealth of industry knowledge ensures we are covering the market like no other agency can.

We understand that some locations can be difficult to recruit for, given our history and direct approach we are confident we can manage the expectations of the candidates and ensure we will only put forward those who are genuinely committed to relocating to those areas

How we differ from other agencies

Unlike recruitment consultancies that adopt a “reactive” search strategy, only attracting active job seekers, Cormac Consulting uses proactive search methodologies across every role and approach passive candidates that are a better fit for our clients.

We utilise our comprehensive network, including referrals and word of mouth to help identify the hard to find candidates who are not currently looking or do not have a presence through LinkedIn.

We know the competitors (which is why Cormac does not work with every client),which means we spend more time talking to high potential candidates and less time trying to find out who they are in the first place

The Process

Cormac’s core recruitment process is broken down into three main areas, Identification, Approach and Management. We manage the process form identification and well past the placement stage to ensure both candidate and client are the right fit and the relationship is maintained.


Talent identification: 

In this we note all the required skills, qualifications and experience required, and identify ALL the valid individuals within the range. This is obtained via our extensive network, Database, LinkedIn, Market mapping and referrals.

Direct Approach:

Once a list of all potential candidates fitting the client’s scope has been identified we then enter the direct approach phase. Here we make the first contact via phone, promoting not just the role, but the opportunity, the culture, the company and the unique selling factor of the role. We also get an in-depth understanding of the Candidate’s wants and possible barriers in progressing.

Management: After the approach phase, the most suitably candidates will be selected and presented to the client. In this management phase Cormac will control the process and identify any Red Flags, Relocation concerns (including dependents), missed communications, salary expectation, counter offers, opposing opportunities and overall suitability to the role/site/company.

The Benefits

1. Quality

The very top performers in the industry will not be actively looking for a new position. They are the other 75% of the workforce who are not visible through the recruitment methods available for internal recruiters. These are the prospects who will have the right skill set, experience, cultural fit, and a track record of strong performance.

2. Access to a passive talent pool

We are experts in Mining. Specialist executive search consultancies such as Cormac have cultivated an extensive network within theAustralian mining sector, giving us a broader reach to passive candidates.

3. Lower risk

We think long term as our candidates often become our clients, our reputation amongst clients and candidates is high due to the quality of service we provide. We only suggest opportunities to candidates where we believe they are a genuine career-enhancing opportunity and hence do not pressure a placement for the sake of making a fee. For our clients this means that we source the best fit possible according to your requirements and culture.

4. Control over the process

We invest more hours into proactive headhunting which means that when we identify suitable candidates we have between 10 to 15 conversations with them throughout the recruitment process, thus enabling us to identify hooks, and pain points and successfully persuade candidates who were not planning on a career change, prevent them from opting out of the process, and handle counter offers.

5. Faster time to hire

Cormac Consulting streamlines the entire process by using our network to leverage personal referrals and word-ofmouth at a much faster rate, providing our clients with a strong shortlist quicker.

6. Advantage over your competitors

If you partner with Cormac you have the ability to directly headhunt from one of your competitors, and on the flip side it means that we cannot headhunt from you.

Our Values

We are focused on long term relationships, and pride ourselves on upholding our values of:


We conduct ourselves with honour, truthfulness and openness in all our relationships, both internally and externally, with colleagues, clients and candidates. What we say is what we do and we pride ourselves on upholding the highest professional standards.


We are always learning and improving. We strive for new heights, continue to challenge assumptions and strengthen our reputation through creativity, courageousness and open-mindedness across all interactions.


We know that great people are the cornerstone to success. To attract, engage, develop and retain the best, a complete approach is required. Our practice is intimately interconnected, enabling us to see things differently and discover new solutions.

Quality over Quantity

This is our motto. We value your time and our time, and ensure that each interaction is meaningful, and outcome driven.


Using our knowledge, skills and networks, we set to lead the market and achieve the best with minimum wasted effort or expense for our clients.

About Craig

Craig is an industry leading consultant with a wealth of knowledge and strong networks in the Mining & Resources Sector. His head-hunting ability is unsurpassed and is the reason clients turn to him to source Executive level and specialised technical staff.

Craig has developed a strong reputation in the market place, and is seen by both candidates and clients as a trusted advisor, who prides himself on integrity and a passion for the sector, ‘what you see is what you get’.

Unlike most KPI driven agencies, Craig’s focus for Cormac Consulting is on building lasting relationships with clients that look to achieve their operational and strategic goals by placing high quality candidates and staying abreast of market trends.