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Cormac HR Consulting prides itself on its approach and building inspired partnerships with you.   We offer our clients with a free HR Health Check to assess your HR processes, practices and documentation and provide you with feedback and recommendations to implementation.

Our services can assist you develop and implement the following frameworks and strategies:

HR strategy 

We work with our clients to create a HR strategic plan to assist with the transition to new organisational structures and HR delivery models that their staff feel a part of.

Organisational structure design

Having an organisational structure that works for your business is key to engaging employees and maximise productivity. A well-designed organisational structure will drive positive behaviour and motivation that produces a customer-focused culture.

Performance metrics and reporting

We work with our clients to ensure staff stay focused on the strategy created by setting up performance metrics, data analysis, and reporting to ensure the success of all staff.

Change management

We provide leadership coaching and mentoring to managers and organisations to meet the challenges stemming from change in management. For best results, we will create a change management process that fits with your company’s strategy, culture, and people.

Leadership coaching

We offer clients leadership coaching to develop their own authentic leadership style. Your leaders will fulfil their potential by working one-to-one with our consultants by setting better goals, reaching goals faster, and make better decisions improving communication and relationships with teams and executives.

Mergers and acquisitions

Preparing to go through a merger or acquisition? We can help you review existing agreements, current disputes, review policies and procedures, coordinate and administer cross-functional activities. This includes payroll and HR technology integration, alignment of organisational cultures and work styles post-merger.

Employee engagement

Employees that feel emotionally connected to your business are more likely to go the extra mile, remain loyal and perform better. We work with our clients to implement rewards strategy, team exercises, leadership transformations, and structure designs.


We work with our clients to create a compensation strategy that attracts and retains high quality employees and rewards great performance. We help benchmark pay levels that suits the compensation strategy that meets your needs.

Employee benefits

We help our clients develop Employee Value Proposition (EVP). We focus on people, culture, a work life balance in a employee benefits program including compensation, health benefits, and vacation time.

Talent management

Our talent management and success plans will identify and develop internal staff that have the potential to fill the leadership positions in your business. We recognise your needs in terms of the size, type, experience, knowledge, skills and quality of workforce to achieve organisational objectives.

Fair work

We conduct fair work commissions on behalf of our clients. This includes, workplace investigations, redundancies, award interpretation and wage advice, creation of HR policies and employment contacts that meets the National Employment Standards.

Training and development

Our training to staff  will improve current and future employee performance by increasing employees’ ability to perform through the design of training, education and development programs.

Facilitation and design of team building activities

Facilitation and design of team building activities whether you want to improve internal/external communication and foster effective relationships, understand team personality types, improve decision making or practice continuous improvement we offer tailored team specific sessions which are commercially focused, practical and interactive.

Other services also include: identification and development of organisational competencies to drive desired culture and values; and development of recruitment, retention and attraction strategies, including on-boarding, induction programs and exit processes.