Headhunter over recruitment

Whether you know us as Technical Search, Executive Search, or Headhunter, the only similarity we share with a Recruiter is to work with a company to handle its hiring needs. The major difference is the quality of candidate we deliver to our client.

We’re experts in our sector

A Technical Search Consultant tends to work in one sector. Take Cormac for example, our consultants only work in the mining industry and have done for over a decade. This opens a huge amount of knowledge and benefits that will be explained further down the list.

Headhunters fill specific jobs

Our clients use Cormac to fill a specific role. The candidate needs particular experience and qualifications to match their criteria. We check this before they get a phone call from a Cormac Technical Search Consultant. They might not be actively looking for a new job, but if the client and potential candidate match, it’s worth a phone call, right?

We work with the candidate as much as the client

Because of how tailored our search is for a specific role, most of our candidates are not actively seeking a job.

We then learn the candidates personal ambitions for a work life balance. Once we cross match that with our client’s criteria, we have the perfect match.

Headhunters contact candidates with specific requirements

Recruiters work on volume – Headhunters look for quality. Usually, a Recruiter will draft a job advert and place it on a popular job website and wait for the resumes to roll in.

A Headhunter matches the job position with the most quality candidate possible. If we don’t find a match in our database, we then expand our search to the market until we find one that does.

Market mapping is a key skill of a Headhunter

Back to those benefits of working in the one sector: our knowledge of the sector allows us the properly place candidates and roles across the market. That entire market is then at our disposal whether they are actively looking or not.

Market mapping gives our consultants a better understanding of our client’s role.  This helps when matching the best quality candidate.