It’s that time of year again when we’re reminded that we didn’t achieve last years’ new resolution or personal goal.

However, if yours is to change your current job, then you’re in luck.

Many people we speak to have become comfortable in their everyday life of getting to work and getting paid.

But does it make them happy? Not really.

Every day we speak to people about their personal and professional ambitions and find them a solution.  So, where do you start?


Think about what you want to do and gather some realistic options about how that fits in to your personal ambitions. Do you play footy at the weekend, like to be close to a beach, rely on extended family members?

Think about where you wanted to be in your career by this age. Are you there? If not, why? Do you need additional training or qualifications? Do you need a mentor or someone in management to shape you into the professional you want to be?

When you know what you want and need, it’s easier to find you the best possible option. Our consultants are constantly mapping the mining industry, offering solutions to better our client’s team, and improving the candidate’s opportunities.


Look for the pathway that opens these doors for you. If it’s additional training, contact local schools to get you extra qualifications. Look to your management or employer to see if this is something your current employer can offer.

If you’re looking for more of a professional change like managerial experience, a conversation with our Technical Search Consultants can help. It’s their job to know everything about the mining sector and the different cultures and workplaces within the mining companies.


Before you apply for anything, make yourself look good. 90% of recruiters use social media to screen potential clients. Make sure there is nothing that can give a negative thought about you.

Watch our video on improving your digital profile.

Make sure your experience and skills are up to date on LinkedIn. This helps any headhunters find you and showcase what you have to offer and easily contact you regarding any new roles.

Then fix up your resume so it’s ready to send out immediately. This resume can also be added to Seek as a download for recruiters to access without having to contact you.

TIP: If you apply for a job, amend your resume to suit key words or phrases that the job uses in their job description.  

A major stumbling block for people not reaching their goals is time and momentum. Shifts get in the way of new tasks, a negative outcome of an application could kill your momentum, but there are people that can do the leg work for you.

If any of this has triggered something in you, get in touch with our consultants today to make 2020 the year you get your career back on track.

Start by looking at our latest mining jobs.