Cormac’s Technical Search Consultants work tirelessly to headhunt the best candidate for its clients. Usually, the potential candidates we speak to are not actively looking and are content with their current situation.

But why be “content”? Why not prepare for the best work-life balance, career progression, and stability?

Here are four simple ways to get headhunted without applying for a job.

Online footprint

Keeping your online footprint updated through platforms like, LinkedIn is very important. It helps the Headhunter match your work experience with the criteria.

Using keywords that are relevant to your industry will make your more discoverable. Correct machinery name or proper qualification titles are good examples of this.

But your online profile is just the first small step to finding the perfect match.

Make your mobile number accessible on LinkedIn.

A phone conversation is the only way to know whether the role suits your personal and professional ambitions as well as the client’s criteria.

You can keep your privacy by only allowing a phone number to be seen once you connect. Cormac Technical Search Consultants approach is very personal. We want to do best by you and our client. 

Be open to a conversation

When that call comes through, remember the Headhunter works for you just as much as the client – it’s a two-way process. We work for the best match, even if you’re not looking.

This phone call is our attempt to discover your personal needs to better your work life balance, your professional ambitions of career development, and what is missing from your current role.

This phone call is your attempt to find out more information and find those opportunities.

Be open to opportunity

Your current role works. It’s part of your routine and for now it’s ok. But why stop there when something better is around the corner?

Every role is unique, but good Headhunters at Cormac Consultancy are out to match the opportunities of a new role, to your own.

If a new role increases opportunity, improves your work-life balance, and match the job criteria, we have the perfect match.