outsourcing HR

Are you running a growing SME but feel like your week is becoming less and less productive?  As an owner, you and your employees must wear a lot of hats from inventor, advisor, marketing specialist, finance officer and HR manager.  The administrative responsibilities for any company are tiring, but for SMEs managing employment issues is particularly difficult.

Yes, people are a business’ greatest asset, however, they are also the most expensive and time-consuming liability, and for business owners their time and attention are best spent on their core business.  

Interesting insights[1]:

  • 54% of SMEs handle employment matters inhouse;
  • 70% of SMEs delegate HR workload to employees as additional duties, with little to no experience in HR (usually lands on the office manager, the chief operating officer, finance manager);
  • These employees spend between 25 – 35% of their time on employee/HR issues such as managing time and attendance, recruiting and on-boarding new employees, training and performance management, ensuring adherence to policies/legislation and managing conflict just to name a few;
  • 75% of business owners are concerned about accurately and consistently adhering to HR compliance requirements.

So, when is a good time to outsource HR to an external provider?  There is no magic formula, however, research states that when an SME has 10 or more employees the time internal employees spend on HR related matters is better spent on the main core of the business i.e. product sales, technology, consulting etc.

Let’s look at how outsourcing some or all your HR requirements to a company like Cormac Consulting can benefit your business

The benefits of outsourcing to Cormac Consulting:

  • Reduce administrative workload to free you and your employees to focus on core business objectives;
  • Reduce the time it takes to find talent through technical search and recruitment of key personnel;
  • Develop position descriptions and KPIs;
  • Standardisation of employment contracts, terms and conditions and policies;
  • Develop Employee Engagement and Employee Benefit programs that will increase the retention and employee satisfaction;
  • Accurate Award interpretation;
  • Ensuring salaries are compliant with Awards and competitive in the market;
  • Single approach to attracting and retaining staff by creating efficiencies in recruitment and engagement process;
  • Unbiased management of employment and industrial relation issues and claims, ensuring adherence with state and national legislation; and
  • Feel like you are ready to manage HR internally? We can define your HR Strategy to align with the Business Strategy and design the associated HR services your organisation requires.

In addition, we can provide you with Interim HR Management – if you are in the process of hiring HR personnel for your company, we can provide a gap-fill solution until the new person starts and help in a smooth onboarding process.

The benefits of Cormac Consulting vs other consultancies?

  • At Cormac, we are not a one size/off-the-shelf fits all type of consultancy.  We appreciate that every company is unique, and HR should not be black and white but accommodate all the grey in between to suit the Company’s culture and the Owner’s strategic direction;
  • We are not career consultants, we are a specialist consultancy that has breadth and depth of experience in implementing proven solutions and strategies across a multitude of industries and organisations ranging in size from 10 to over 70,000 employees, so we understand how HR needs to work for different sized organisations; and
  • No lock in contracts, we will tailor our solutions for your requirements and budget.

So, what are you waiting for, contact us today for a no obligation discussion of your needs.

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