A Technical Search Consultant considers the entire market for filling a job position. This makes finding the best match possible for our client possible. This process explores the needs of the potential candidate to ensure we find them the best role.

We go beyond active job seekers to discover and contact those who consider themselves “comfortable” in their current role. This is where Cormac finds the best talent, not the most provably to move from their current role.

Here are the four most attractive traits you will need to offer to attract top talent:


Those considered as “top talent” all share one trait: ambition. They want to work their way up the career ladder and they’re looking for a company that can support this.

This could be in the form of training and development or management structures that encourage growth.

Having good managers in place at the company is a good starting point.  The aim of the next phase is to promote top talent, replacing key management positions.


We spend most of our life at work. A positive workplace is one of the biggest draws to attracting top talent. Culture can be as simple as employee social events, but also training and development support.

Investment in staff makes them feel appreciated. They also become more loyal if other opportunities were presented to them.


We ask potential candidates, what is “home” for them. Family needs, hobbies, responsibilities, and more are a great sign of what roster or location will work best for them.

This is important when presenting fly in fly out or residential options. The more flexible the company is to suit the candidate’s family needs or responsibilities, the more attractive the company.


Stability of a company and mine is a key decision that people make. Not just about new roles, but whether they get into the industry following education.

Stability is key to those who have family responsibilities as they need to provide for them. 


Candidates considered top talent share similar needs as the client; growth, loyalty and support. One thing you may have noticed not on this list is salary or money. We often challenge candidates to look back at their roles and say, “what do you remember most about the role?” Not a single response had to do with money, but the people they worked with, the challenges they overcome and the experience that betters their future roles.