First of all, our Technical Search Consultants are compared to recruiters, but the only thing we share is we work with clients to fill a role. It’s like comparing a shark and a prawn, the only thing they share is water, how they go about their business is completely different.

The way we go about our business is why your employer doesn’t want us having a conversation.

Why? Because we neither work for you nor our client. We work in the middle. Our goal is to find the perfect match between employer and candidate.

How does Cormac do this?

The client outlines what experience and qualifications are necessary, what sort of work culture there is for team compatibility. Sounds similar so far…

However, instead of uploading a generic job advert on Seek to catch those actively looking for a new job, we search the entire market under that job title or career experience.

This way we find the best talent, not the most likely to accept a new role.

Why we don’t advertise our roles?

Active job seekers only look for new opportunities when they don’t like their current role. This makes them more likely to take the next opportunity, instead of the right opportunity.

Once we detect our best potential candidates, we begin our “fact finding” process through multiple phone conversations.

This is to discover your needs, commitments, hobbies, family life, ambitions, career goals, etc. All these areas are crucial as they give us insight on why you are suitable for the opportunity or not.   Subjects that are not be found on a typical resume.

This way, we can detect early on whether its within your best interest to continue the conversation or close it down. We will be the first to tell you that the role is not for you.

Why you should have that conversation

If you receive this phone call, you are good match to the client’s specifications. The phone call is more to find out whether the role suits you. You may feel “comfortable” in your current role. But by not having that conversation and be open to other opportunities, are you really helping your career?