We don’t like talking about money. In fact, we’re told it’s rude to ask how much someone is earning. So how do we answer the standard interview question of “what is your salary expectations?”

Suddenly you feel a rush of pressure and a familiar voice in your head say, “I want the job; do I say a little lower for brownie points, or do I go higher to make myself sound more valuable?”

Here is some advice from our Technical Search Consultants.

Refer to salary guides

Salaries, living costs, and job arrangements vary with every role, especially in the mining sector. Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) rosters residential areas all determine what your salary might be.

So, firstly look at salary guides for your role. This will give you a good idea of an hourly rate. In most cases, they will allow you to determine what State you are working in.

The PayScale calculator is a useful tool and allows you to select a city from the drop down with some regional options in there too.

Speak to your recruitment consultant

A good recruiter or Technical Search Consultant works between you and the employer. They are there to work out the best option for you both.

Use them to your advantage by getting them to ask the questions like salary expectations. Most employers will give a “ballpark” figure as factors such as experience and qualifications will shift for the right person.

A good Consultant will be able to give you a ball park figure once they consider the market, your experience, and qualifications. As they speak to people in the sector every day, they have a good idea of how the market is performing.

Reach out to your network

Don’t be scared to reach out to your network for information. Whether it be employees or managers, they will be able to share their knowledge of the sector.

It’s not all about money

When considering a new role, you should also consider things outside of salary.

What works best for you and your family Is it roster, is it flexible hours?

Consider the opportunities important to you in your current career stage. Do you require additional training or a clear pathway to promotions? Or do you need a mentor in your career to help grow as an employee?

There’s more to work than salary. So yes, prepare for salary expectation questions but prepare other expectations too.

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